Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Only Opening Book You Will Ever Need?

"Chess Openings for Kids" by John Watson and Graham Burgess

Too many opening books on the book shelves? Still wondering what you would like to play? Well known chess authors John Watson and Graham Burgess might have written the perfect introduction to 50 well known openings and at the same time the only opening book most of us will ever need!

Burgess' "The Mammoth Book of Chess" is a wonderful book. Perhaps the most useful section of that book is the personal and opinionated short introductions to a great number of openings. In "Chess Openings for Kids" Burgess and opening expert John Watson takes it one step further by focusing on fewer openings and adding a little more depth.

After reading through all of the introductions to the 50 mighty opening systems if feel that I want to try them all at once. To be able to provide both enthusiasm, inspiration and basic knowledge is a praise worthy effort.

Highly recommended as a first book on openings and maybe as the book that will replace all the unread opening books in your chess library.

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