Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Loner's Chess Club

Chessmaster was one of the first chess products I bought and with hindsight the only chess product I really need. The Guru Mansion is filled with chess books/DVDs/Magazine et al. Most of them waiting for some love and devotion.

What makes Chessmaster unique? I think Chessmaster is among the best products when it comes to mimicing bad chess. It is not perfect but good enough if you consider that the Chessmaster Personalities are always ready for a slow came and they do not mind if you have to exit your Chess Cave using Ctrl-P and deal with your real life.

Going to a Chess Club does, in theory, sound like a nice thing but all the practicalities makes it borderline impossible.

Activities at the Loner's Chess Club

The morning work-out is always (almost daily) tactics problems. The site used depends on the amount of time available. I solve problems until I have missed the solution of three problems. That little gimmic makes the problem solving a little bit more fun and focused.

On a weekly basis, I try to get my four game matches with Chessmaster Personalities going.

The Reading group at the Loner's Chess Club is on hold as the key memeber is spending his limited chess minutes on matches against silicon opponents.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Stoyko Exchange

The Stoyko exercise (see the description at Dan Heisman's site) does sound like a good exercise but I have almost never found the time and inspiration to get started. I think I have done it at most three times and I am probably doing it wrong since I do not get the impression that I have gained 100+ points by doing the exercise.

The obvious obstacles is finding suitable positions and to find the "true evaluations" of the lines. Using an engine will give you evaluations in centipawns but that is not too enlightening.

Any suggestions on how to find suitable positions? Does it really matter which position you use? Is there any die hard Stoyko believers out there in the "bloggsphere" who would like to sharesome positions and maybe even some evaluations?

I would love to hear about your experiences using the exercise!