Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Chess "Who-Are-You" Experiment

A fellow chess blogger started a nice project. I am sorry but I cannot remeber who did it. Please remind me!

The Experiement was to "Guess-the-Move" a handfull of games from all World Champions to get a feel for his or hers chess style. Agreed, a chess low life such as your truly has no style but Blunderistic but I like the approach. I tend to need to fool myself to work hard and in a steady direction. So, my project of the day will be to replay 3+ games of the ten first World Champions and to create a clever way of comparing the results. Suggestions appreciated! Join the Movement!

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  1. My natural style, originally, was somewhere between 'air between the ears' and 'turn everything into a rook and pawn endgame.' Then I tried to calculate everything in tactical positions where I was not trained yet in tactics.

    Now I like to tear through middlegame complications from books, not openings or endings so much, except maybe that openings lead to middlegames sort of thing.