Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guess-the-Master-Move, part 1 (Steinitz)

Using the "Guess-the-Move" application at, I will replay three games of each of the twelve first undisputed world champions. In order to somewhat normalize the scores, I will focus on my achieved percentage of the par score of the games in question (unless someone comes up with a nicer idea). The first world champions are of course:

Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker and José Raúl Capablanca

This post will be updated with games replayed and my score.

Replayed Games:

1. Steinitz vs Lang, 1860 (score: 17 par = 25)

This was a highly tactical King's Gambit game which was clearly beyond me. Once upon a time I believed that tactics was my strength. This was an illusion caused by much higher test scores on tactics servers than my never increasing ICC rating.

2. Steinitz vs Chigorin, 1892 (score: 35 par = 43)

Here I scored a lot of easy points suggesting to castle but on the other hand completely overlooked Steinitz amazing attack.

3. Steinitz vs Zukertort, 1886 (score: 30 par = 23)

Another wild tactical game in the Vienna gambit (C25). This time the attacking moves felt pretty natural. I am not claiming any progress. I have probably seen the positions before.

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