Monday, July 18, 2011

The Never Ending Story

Yes, I have spent almost as many hours contemplating chess openings as actually playing the Game of Kings.

Yes, I realize that most games stays within theory for at most 4 moves.

Still, I cannot resist to go into the "what-to-play-loop" yet again.

So, I have been faithful to the Good Old London System for some time but I am getting bored with it. Rumor has it that David Rudel is working on a new Colle book. Changing from the London to some version of Colle is perhaps not as refreshing as I would like. I feel "1. e4??" is coming my way. "Chess Openings for Kids" will be my compass into the hopefully revitalizing world of double pawn openings.

Blog readers with a sweet tooth for betting should know that the Total for number of months until the next Opening Phobia Attack is 3.5.


  1. "Almost as many hours", you say. I wish that was true for me. I have spent magnitudes more time ruminating openings, than actually playing them.

    Good luck breaking this habit. :-)

  2. Ah! That would be the Unbreakable Curse. One of the Unforgivable Spells in the draft Harry Potter manuscript. The Author decided to excluded the spell in the printed version since "three is the magic number" and since the chess reference might be wasted on the major part of HP fans.

    If I ever manage to play chess as many hours as I spend thinking on random openings, then I might have found a way to reduce the effect of the Curse of all (semi-)serious chess players.

  3. Farbror, I feel your pain brother. I feel like I too have spent more time trying to figure out and understand my opening rep, than actually playing the game. Ahhh..what to do. Hope it goes well for you anyway!

  4. David, it is a curse with many aspects. I like to have a familiar feeling in the positions but I loath to study openings. "Fischer Chess" has never been tempting to me.

  5. What about 1. b3 or 1...b6? Have you already given up that plan?

  6. 2 or three times at most. I promise.