Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Start Up Goals

A few days ago, I posted the following question to my two closest chess buddies:

"In the next two months I will..."

"My goal will be evaluated by......"

"Should I fail to reach My goal, I then promise to...."

Here are the responses:

- 10 "Guess-the-move", analysis shared on my blog (selected positions) or with AndreaCoda/Farbror
- no Blitz nor 5min games from next Monday onwards, Sunday rating will be sent by email and must not change

- one item from the Amazon wishlist (com, uk) for my buddies AndreaCoda and Farbror


Complete at least 50% (16/33) of "Logical Chess Move by Move", both in GTM mode on chessgames and through thorough analysis

My goal will be evaluated by......
Farbror, through snapshot of chessgames window which I will send

Should I fail to reach My goal, I then promise to....
Get to both Farbror and ScotchYeta a book of their choice from Amazon.com

Chess Goals for August, September and October:

8 slow games and analysis (some to be posted at my blog)

8 “Guess-the-Move” (to be commented on my blog)

(Re-)Read a Chess Book I have not yet reviewed (Review to be posted)

Should I fail to reach the goals, I will then pay for the next six months of membership at ICC/Playchess etc for my Chess Training Buddies