Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Support Your Local Chess Store

On my way to the buss stop I come close to one of my favored stores in my home town. The funny thing is that I almost never buy anything from the store or visit the store on a regular basis. They sell needles and fine fabric which I rarely buy but I totally adore the pride, passion and knowledge in the store. I try my very best to contribute in my small ways because I am an honest believer in specialized stores.

The other day I mailed a link to my online chess books catalog to the chess shop in Gothenburg, another of my favorite stores, and asked which books they considered to be missing in my collection.

In reply I got suggestions on how to improve my chess (training) in practical terms and an invitation for a cup of coffee should I find myself in Gothenburg.

Try THAT with Amazon!!


  1. Jealous of the cup of coffee. :)

    Nice of the store to want to go over your training schedule. Owner must be a string chess player or good in building bussiness relations.

  2. A little bit of both! A fine example of a shopowner who is passionate about what he is doing. Try THAT Amazon!

    There is always a cup waiting for you up in the cold north.