Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Magic Pill Again

Some time ago Dan Heisman tweeted: "If I gave a pill to a 1400 player so that he/she memorizes MCO-15, what would their new playing strength be? Most properly guess 1400-1450"

Some member on is doing a simulation in a Magic Pill-esque setting and here is what (s)he reports:

"Information from my test:

Two identical engines playing each other at about 1400 elo, except one is using an opening book, and the other is not. The opening book is Sedat's Perfect v10 book, with the depth limited to no more than 15 full moves.  My guess is that this opening book is a decent approximation for MCO. So far, 700 games have been played. The engine with the book is +28 elo, with a possible error of plus or minus 12 elo at a 95% confidence interval."


  1. Thats very interesting how did you do that? How about a 1800, 2200? Maybe no one needs openings, my life would become very easy

  2. fascinating. so with 'perfect' opening book knowledge, all you get is 28 extra points? i think i prefer the quick-n-dirty and just avoid memorizing a bunch of openings. most players at my level lose on tactics anyway.

  3. I did not do it myself being totally computer illiterate but I suppose that the computer wiz set up a match between two chess engines with different settings.

    It is indeed very interesting and comforting! Very comforting!