Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grob Challenge

A few years ago we had a nice bet among chess friends with health improvement ambitions. The idea was to set individual goals and those of us who did not reach the goal would have to play the Grob (1. g4) and nothing but the Grob for a full year.

A nice article with connections to Henri Grob and the Grob Opening can be found here.

My clothes have started to shrink again and I would very much like to  take part in another Grob challenge. Please note that your own goal can be anything you like. It should be suitable to reach before December 31.


  1. Intrested, but must one really play grob???

    Why not another (more decent opening)? :-)

  2. From experience, I know that the Grob is scary enough for me to reach the goal. You are of course free to choose your own scary punishment!