Friday, October 21, 2011

A Chess Date?

I need to play more slow games on a regular basis. Games against Human flesh and not silicon! So, I encourage everybody will a similar correlation between Chess Passion and Chess Skills to contact yours truly to arrange a match series.

My current estimate of the correlation mentioned above is in the neighborhood of -0.83. I do pretty OK solving tactics problems really slow at Chesstempo but I have never managed to break to 1300-ceiling at ICC.

Again, if you feel like arrange a match series of weekly/biweekly slow chess games against a certified patzer,then make some noise and drop me a note.


  1. Do not know which times you are free and how this free time compares with my free time. So I cannot say if I have time to play games against you.

  2. One slow game biweekly is probably my time budget on average. Most Euro friendly time slots are OK with some planning!

  3. Hey Farbror!

    I think you and I may have just played a game on ICC?

    It was a G/60 with a 5 minute increment. My handle on ICC is a little different than my blogging handle of tommyg. (tomttoggle)

    I had the White pieces and you had the Black pieces. Was that you?

  4. I am not sure, tommyg! My memory is not top notch.

  5. I'll play you on FICS. Although I'm not available the next weekend (Oct 29/30), I will be more available in November. I've been trying to play one G/90 game a week ... and I too would prefer playing against humans.

    Anyway, Saturdays at 03:00-03:30 FICS time (09:00-09:30 GMT) are when I can play. Let me know and we can set up a formal time if you'd like ... email me at rockyrook at hotmail

  6. Thank You, Rocky! I will send you an email and suggest some time slots.

  7. I live GMT+1 and I can play on wednesday in the evening. So give me a shout with a time to play after 20:00 my time if you want to.

    Btw, at the moment only have Playchess account namely logiske.

  8. Sounds Good,Mr Tiger! I will check my schedule for next week ASAP and let you know.