Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A TL Game from last night


  1. 6. ... Na6?! I wouldn't exchange, bishop is stronger then the knight in this position. Na6 is probably played to play a timely c5.

    8. e4 My coach says to develop your pieces first before attacking because without pieces an attack will not carry far. I guess that 0-0 or Qe2 are also candidate moves for white in this position.

    10. Bg3 Would have gone for Bg5, but that is personal taste i guess.

    13. Bc4 Dont know but i like Be4 better.

    If that is your real rating in the pgn viewer then i must say that you played better then your rating in this game. Hopefully you can keep it up in other games aswell.

    Good luck in your other TL games!

  2. Thank You, Chesstiger!

    It is a fine old tradition to claim to be better than your established rating. I just don't deliver playing on ICC. After close to one hundred games in am still "mid 1200's".

    I would expect something different based on some diagnostic tests, Chesstempo rating and games vs two 1500-players at the office. Well-well, as long as it is fun!