Friday, February 18, 2011

The second game of the season

Right, the first league game got censored! I had to play it with a 3y0 running wild in my room. A friendly attention seeking "Daddy-Daddy-push" made med drop a piece on an unplanned square and it was all over before move ten. My flirts with UCO will have to wait for their fifteen minutes of fame. I have another TL game on Sunday and another game as White (I think?)

More to follow!


  1. Just looking at the moves of white in the endgame. I guess you had still plenty of time left on the clock. Even then its better to find the quickest move that leads to an (bigger) advantage then you already have. So lets see what i personally think could be improved in the endgame, starting with move 57.

    57. Ke4 ? Kd5 is better.
    60. Nf4 ? Ke5 is better.
    61. Nxh3 ? Why go on a pawn hunt? Nd5 is better.
    62. Ng5 ? Ke5 is better.
    64. h4? Still Ke5 is better.
    67. Kd6? e7 is much better.
    68. Kd7 e7 is much better.
    71. Ne6 ? Qg6# is much better.

  2. Thank you! Very interesting! Yes, I had about an hour for the endgame. But I totally agree.