Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Training regime

The back bone of my training regime is daily 15-20 minutes sessions at the Chess Tactics Server ( Agreed, 15 daily minutes does not sound like a lot but it adds up in the long run to something. Right? IM Andrew Martin has in various forums promoted the idea that 20 intense daily study minutes might be enough for a weekly improvement of 1 ELO point.

So, if I eat my veggies and do my tactics problems, then I just might be able to reach my goal of 2009!

On top of that I try to read some chess books. Mendis “How to Play Good Opening Moves” and Stean “Simple Chess” are top candidates on the to-read list.


  1. 15-20 minutes sounds too little to me, maybe 2x15-20min to get some "progress flow" into it!?

  2. Agreed! It sounds as a bargin but it is good news for buisy old geezers...