Friday, January 30, 2009

Becoming a Squire

Michael de la Maza suggested a method for rapid chess improvement. The method which in short is based on tactics drills and pattern recognition was presented in two articles (part I and part II) at

A handful of chess players started to follow the guidance of de la Maza and you can follow their progress on several interesting blogs.

I do think the suggested method has a lot to offer. I just do not have the time to try it out. A steady diet of Tactics problems is my chosen path which perhaps will disqualify me for knighthood but maybe I can hope to become a squire on their noble path to knighthood.


  1. Well, most knights do not quit their job and study CT-ART full time. I think some common elements of the approach are:

    (a) Repeating (circling) through a set of tactics multiple times so you not only work on your calculation but also your pattern recognition. Eg, you train two birds with one stone. This means you use less time studying!

    (b) Doing vision drills of various kinds that help you spot forks, checks, captures, loose pieces, etc.

    (c) Adopting a per-move thought process that avoids blunders and increases your chances of spotting winning tactics.

    Let me know which list I should add you to-- the Knights Errant or the Friends of the Knights Errant. It's up to you. :)

  2. Oh, then I would very much like to be included on the Knighthood!