Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playing for Sweden

My flirt with retro chess in ongoing. Playing correspondence chess without the distracting bells and whistles have been very fun and amazingly social. I have in just a few games exchanged more interesting tidbits of information than what I have exchanged in my previous carreer as a online player. I suppose the crowd who still hang onto basic email chess are the diehards.

However, after loosing two games due to book keeping errors, I am slowly returning to server based corr games.

The Swedish Federation for correspondence chess is offering a very nice magazine to the members for free! I have decided to join the federation basically because I think the magazine looks interesting. But joining the federation also has a few additional benefits. I get to play Chess for Sweden. Yes, the National team is (sort of) asking for my services. Asking the the sense that all members of the federation is allowed to play in team games against federations from other countries. Anyhow, if I go easy on the fine print I just might get a chance to impress people with my caps for Sweden.

Here is my debut win playing at the ICCF server:


  1. Thank you! I almost missed the neat finish. The first time I looked at the position, I only considered autopilot developing moves but the second time I sat down to make a move, the solution jumped at me!