Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Study Buddy Project

The previous Grob Challenge Project was a success and I have been thinking about starting some new project and here it is: The Study Buddy Project

 To call it a project is perhaps a little far fetched but I will give it a try. In My limited experience, the strongest notion of really learning and improving has been playing slow Games and discussing/analyzng the games with My opponent. However, it is not easy to find opponents interested in playing slow games and to have a go at analyzing the game. Enter the "Study Buddy Project"!

 The Study Buddy Project is simply me acting as a match maker for chess improvers. Drop me a note if you are interested. Please indicate your rating, preferred rating of opponent, preferred sites and time zone considerations. It would be really cool if you were willing share interesting annotated games and/or positions here at the blog. Short set of matches would be even cooler! I would very much like to play a few slow games myself. My OTB rating is undefined but I tend to plateau at around 1500 playing turn basen games. At the moment I have accounts at FICS and


  1. Hi Patrik, I'm rolpol and I'm addicted to random encounters over the internet... I'm tired of quickie encounters that last mere minutes and would like them to take a lot longer, hours even! :)

    I am around 1200 elo (69 ECF), have accounts on Playchess and, and am in GMT timezone (London). I'm generally available to play 1900-2200 GMT in evenings.

    I'm particularly interested in post-mortem analysis with the opponent too.

  2. Hi rolpol, Excellentt! We can have a game at! I cannot suggest a time slot before discussing with the rest of the family. Tomorrow maybe? I would like to suggest playing the game one evening hold the post-mortem some other time. I tend to be worn out after a game.

  3. Here is the first game I played against Ben Dougherty, who I met through Twitter. I let Houdini have a look, then added my own recollections.

    I found it to be a very interesting experience, and very much replicated the pressures of OTB play!

  4. Great idea!
    My name is Thomas Nygren Hansen, from Denmark.
    I prefer Playchess(as The Turtle) and FICS(as Nygren). Current FIDE ELO about 1700, but my play is very unsolid and have days where I only play like 1200!
    I prefer opponents from at least 1400 to 2900 :) I can play from 1900-2200 GMT+1.
    I am also interested in Post-mortem analysing and maybe arrange study goal like chapters from a book or some opening.

  5. Hi Thomas, Welcome aboard! At the moment, a handfull of buddies have raised their hands. I think I can set you up with a nice chap in your rating range. Is FICS recovering from the hacker attack?

    1. Except for yesterday I haven't played there for a while. But played 5-6 games without any problems, except for my weak play ;)

    2. And thanks btw. Appreciate it! :)

  6. Would be happy playing some slow games as well, 60'/30" being my preferred time control, 45'/30" a nice alternative.
    I could do most week, either Tuesdays on Wednesdays, around 9pm UK time.