Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Wild Idea!

My next idea is to decrease My number of corr games to 2-4 and treat every post opening move as a Stoyko exercise.


  1. Really like this! I've been doing similar this week though not to this extreme, just at positions that appear critical or very sharp/interesting. When I get to an endgame, I brainstorm strengths/weaknesses and write out a plan in stages. Tactical positions, analysis of 3-5 moves that 'jump out' at me, then each line for opponent, following all way to end of each variation & writing evaluation. Then on to next line. I really got a lot out of it, both in understanding the tactical theme & ways of finding moves.

  2. I hope this experiment will train me in thinking deeper about position but also serve as an antidote vs corr overdose

  3. I have tried this. I found that there was too much repetition for each move and it was hard to approach each position fresh enough.

    I have been taking full advantage of the games notes feature on Chess.com to Stoyko style updates every few moves. I have also been opening a word processor and filling out variation tables to track my tactical analysis.

  4. A good idea, but I would imagine it could take a large amount of time to do. I might agree with Newz, that some of the positions may not give enough uniqueness , but there again, if you can recognise those and re-use ideas, that is also a good thing.

    I'd be intrigued to see how it goes.