Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Retro Chess

As a devoted reader of Zen habits I try in my small ways to simplify my life. One attempt is to reduce the noice and distractions from the bell and whistles at the ordinary chess sites. I recently signed up with a charming low tech chess site called: IECC - International E-mail Chess Club

It is a one huge step back towards to ancient postal correspondence games and I like it a lot! It will be some extra work keeping track of time spent and record the results but I find the cost/benefit to be to my favour.

You play the games emailing pgn-files and that is the end of it. No energy draining forum trolls. Just pure chess. Give it a try!


  1. I applaud your low tech ( or is that lo-tech ?) efforts !

    When I re-started chess about 5 years ago I played via the IECG and another email chess site. The IECG has now stopped.

    I tried, but couldn't really keep going on it at the time : maybe I just wasn't suited to it at that point.

    I tried on, which was better, but it still doesn't grab me the way "live chess" does !

    Maybe I will try again some time ?

    PS. I also like the Zen Habits site :)

  2. Pure email chess is Da Shit! Much more rewarding than other forms of turnbased chess. I think Schemingmind clearly has the best software and time controls. Still, not the same rush as "Live Chess"

  3. thanks for the tip - i'll check it out. i love zen habits too.

  4. Great! Drop me a note after you have joined so we can set up a game. We can of course set up a game anyway but I am a sucker for stats and ratings.