Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guess-the-Master-Move, part 2 (Lasker)

You can read about the achievements of the second world champion Emanual Lasker many times and be surprised everytime about his results. There are so many legend making results. It is possible to ignore 90% of what he did and Lasker would still be one of the Greatest chess players ever!

I strongly recommend a look at his chess biography at

1. Pillsbury - Lasker, 1895 (score: 24 par = 40)

Another fine game. I think I was punished a bit hard in the Opening and lost quite a few points. In the end, the score was probably fair. There are a hanful of moves which I cannot tell if they are blunders or pure magic.

2. Marshall - Lasker, 1907 (score: 94 par = 99)

3. Tarrasch - Lasker, 1908 (score: 46 par = 51)

A game worth a second look and then another glance. Lasker sneaks in a bishop in the enemy camp and the Tarrasch just runs out of oxygen without any obvious errors. Amazing.

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