Monday, January 17, 2011


Inspired by the commitment and efforts by two of my Online Chess Buddies (AndreaCoda and ScotchYeti), I have decided to try a few online chess lessons with a professional chess trainer. I will never be able to reach their heights in chess skills but I might be able to follow suit in efforts.

In order to make room for bi-weekly chess sessions in an already cramped fun time quota budget, I will have to make changes to the planned training activities before even finding out in what ways the training plan would fail.

Concrete is the new buzzword. Minimal time invested in planning, preparations and book keeping:

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • 30+ Chesstempo problems per week
  • 50+ Slow games this year
  • 3+ Chess books to (re-)read
The Team4545 League at ICC will be my main source for slow games. Hopefully spiced up with training games with online friends (Drop me a challenge! I love shorter match series in Europe friendly time slots). The planned reading list would be:

Alexander Alekhine's Best Games: Algebraic Edition

Simple Chess: New Algebraic Edition

Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained

Essential Chess Endings: The Tournament Player's Guide (using Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner To Master should GM Howell's book turn out to be too advanced.)

Support your Local Bookdealer!!!

Interesting reading for exra credentials: Ziatdinov training tips "PART THREE: CONCRETE CHESS"


  1. Already have an idea who you gonna contact as professional chess trainer?

  2. IM Artiom or Tiger-Lilov would be on my short list. Any suggestions?

  3. Not really since a trainer must be someone you feel good about. But if you would pull the teeth out of my mouth i would say Yelena Dembo. Offcourse you can also search one on i believe.

  4. Hey! Well your post has inspired me. I found that article by Ziatdinov fascinating, and have a new respect for that GM. I am on ICC to (davepriest) we should try and form a team there or something?! ;)

  5. Hi Dave, That sounds good! Two teams have kindly accepted my humble services for the coming season but for the next season maybe?

  6. >I will never be able to reach their heights in >chess skills but I might be able to follow suit >in efforts.

    Buddy if you refer to me, remember I am 1375 ICC and 1413 FIDE - you are not "shooting for the stars", let's put it this way... ;-)

    Now with Andreas, that's a different story!