Friday, November 12, 2010

Short List of Chess Books to Read 2011

- Elements of Positional Evaluation: How the Pieces Get Their Power by Dan Heisman
- Looking for Trouble: Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess by Dan Heisman
- Simple Chess: New Algebraic Edition - by Michael Stean- Essential Chess Endings: The Tournament Player's Guide - Paperback (June 30, 2003) by James Howell
- New York 1924 by Alexander Alekhine


  1. This asks for a list of the ones you have read in 2010

  2. That would be quite a few. Most of them are reviewed here at the site. A few of the books not reviewed but read binder-to-binder would be:

    Guide to Good Chess - Purdy
    Silman's Endgame Course - Silman (up to "my" level)
    Logical Chess Move by Move - Chernev

  3. And which book from the ones you read this year would you recommend?

    PetrS from

  4. Soltis book on chess training is clearly the best for improvers.