Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the Road

Igor Khmelnitsky's "Chess Exam - You vs. Fischer" is an excellent book and perfect for chess training on the road.

I enjoy keeping track of My score as the score keeping keeps me humble inbetween occasional and elusive successes.

I will blame all My blunder on the relaxing shadow and the intoxicating smell from the Jasmine flowers near my favourite bench.


  1. I gather that you may be on holiday, or maybe just camping out in the back garden :) I have the original Chess Exam which I have started going through.
    PS. Do I guess you are a West Ham fan from your blog list ?

  2. I am afraid ny own back garden is more of tve concrete type.

    Nope, I am not a true Hammers fan. A Buddy at the Office is writing the Bubble Blog. My heart belongs to Sirius, a local team in the third swedish league, but I have also been fond of Arsenal and Milwall.