Sunday, April 11, 2010

IM Marc Esserman Lecture, April 15th

Cruel world! This exactly the kind of event I would like to attend.


  1. How about a Smith-Morra game on FICS instead? ;) How's that chess weekend coming along, by the way?

  2. Very much like the opposite of what I had in mind. Most hours "invested" at the office.

  3. Thanks for the post! Hopefully you will enjoy some of the posts I am planning on the Smith-Morra, my latest addiction....

  4. I've heard of the Smith-Morra "obsession" that some chess-players have, so it would be great to find out what and why :)

    In my neck of the woods, I didn't qualify for this one ( as I'm not 2000 ELO ! but I may well pop along in May for the matches with the "5 talented Dutch youngsters" ( ), especially as Nigel Short is playing Anish Giri. Yasser Seirawan will also be playing. Time to work from home for an afternoon !

  5. I was smittened by the Morra the first time I saw it but I have never had anything like a remote success playing it.

    It is all about: "So, you spent 154 Hours learning a lot of theory stuff? I will just sacc a pawn and create a weird position. How about that?"

    Max Euwe Centrum seems like a cool place.

  6. I might have to start playing this, I play e4 and usually am content with a passive closed line vs Sicilian, but I need a change of pace line too!

  7. Hiya Russ!

    Thank you for adding me!

    Yeah, I strongly consider to switch (back) to an all gambit repertoire. It will be a messy slaughter house playing turn based games but it will be fun.

  8. Gambits ? Although I scored a couple of wins with the Urosov gambit on the few times I was allowed to get there, now, I avoid them.

    I saw the huge post at the Kenilworthian about the Smith-Morra. Wow ! is all I can say..hope it works for someone !

    Why not try the Kenilworthian's latest e4 repertoire here