Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Training Report

February has been a rather wasted chess month. The whole family has been enjoying a majority of the colds/flues known to science. Still, My Chesstempo rating is only six points short of an all time high and the most recent slow games have had their bright moments even though I lost them all.

The fpawn-site gave me some much needed inspiration to how to defend against d4. I just might give the dutch a try.

Goals for March:


  1. 15 minutes of Chesstempo, eh? Given my recent performance there, that's almost one whole problem. :) You do standard or blitz?

  2. "+" is Key! I solve standard paced problems and my daily dose is something like 3-6 problems which more than enough fills my limited time slot.

  3. Maybe I should post my "study" time/progress as well. Don't do chesstempo though :)

    5 slow games last month !! with only 1 win :) I should have had a draw as well, but, stupidly, I tried to win it.

    I must post that one as I was so pleased to find the guaranteed-draw-move !