Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Turn Based Chess

Scheminingmind is clearly my favorite site for turn based chess. I like the time controls and I like the feature that you can add comments to your PGN file which makes it easy to document your (flawed) thought process. Where Do You Play Turn Based Chess? Care for a game?

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  1. You can help me. Perhaps there are chess players of your acquaintance who will benefit from my Coaching Game service.
    I play unrated Coaching Games with students, meaning that I send with every move a coaching comment, such as what strategy I have in mind or what tactical shot I have in mind. I do not tell the student what move to make! I simply guarantee no surprises. It is amazing how fast Novices learn when they are learning from their own games, While They Are Playing.

  2. By the way, I do the same sort of thing with problem solving in elementary mathematics.
    Do Word Problems make you quake?
    Search with me for the Golden Rectangle.
    You can think. You can. You can.