Monday, November 16, 2009

The Legendery 10 Ply Patzer Repertoire for Black

Well, I might have joined the dark side to become a d4-player. My next bullet on my agenda is to decide on a repertoire as black. I think I have a few ideas using e6 as a backbone. The Guru's Guru Purdy suggested in his articles (collected and published as Action Chess) a certain line of the french against d4. IM Martin, clearly inspired by Purdy, suggested a slightly more sharp version.

The main reason for trying e6 is to have the option to wiggle into either the french or the Tarrasch against almost anything.

My beloved fellow patzers tend to find some artistic free spirit move well before move five so my Opening research/Studies will be limited to "The Legendary 10 Ply Repertoire for Black"

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