Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Fascinating Réti Gambit

This looks like fun stuff to play against the annoying french defence:

1.e4 e6 2.b3!?

Have a look at Thomas Johansson's web site


  1. Maybe once and a while yes, for fun. Not as a serious repertoire.

  2. If you like to play for example the King's Gambit or the Morra Gambit, the Reti Gambit should be a welcome addition to your repertoire. Especially since there are so few good gambits vs the French.

    In principle, the Reti Gambit is for those who like to take the game off the well trodden path of theory early to make both players think for themselves.

    People who need a "serious repertoire" should continue to play 1.c4 or "drawing with the London/Colle" or commit to learning 25 moves of theory in every variation of the Slav, KID etc etc.


  3. I'd agree with all things here, especially the annoying French defence ( although there are better words than "annoying" ! ).

    I often try the King's Indian Attack vs the French, which is also good.

    I think I may well try this one out in Blitz !! Although based only on the website you give rather than the book :) Too many books...

    I notice you commented on Marsh Towers about this one ? Have to admit that his reviews are positive all the time. Not that I want to see nasty attacks on authors, just a bit more objective criticism would be helpful for us poor shmucks who have to pay for our books !

    Although there aren't many of them the reviews here ( are very good !

  4. Yes, The overall trend might be positive at Marsh Tower but not everything gets reviewed at that site. GM Elburg ( is the undisputed King of positive reviews.

    I will have a look at the site you're suggesting!

    In a week or so, I will post a review of "Studying Chess Made Easy" ( I fear it will be positive as well ;)