Friday, September 11, 2009


I took a semi-vacation from chess after a series of extremely bad games. I was amazed that I still could play that bad without a hidden agenda and I had to measure my height twice a day to double check if my head had fallen off.

Now is a good time to start to play my A game as my only live tournament for the year has started. I benched myself for the first round but I will be on the team and in the gun smoke on Tuesday.

I swear by my daily 15-30 minutes of Tactics Problems and reached a new ATH at chesstempo today: 1808.3

If that rating is anywhere near a remote image of my true chess skills, then I think it is about time to beat my fellow 1200's at ICC with some frequency.


  1. Never compare your internet rating with your otb rating (or another internet) rating. Circumstances will always be different. The intensity, the will, the ... are just not the same.

  2. Very True!

    Still I think the difference between my "Game Winning Skills" and "Tactics Solving skills" (as measured by Internet ratings) are unreal. An approxiamte 600pts difference must be in the six sigma region and statistically significant.

  3. In Tactics solving you know that there is something, in a game there is no person or something holding a sign that says that you have to look for something. I guess that is the major difference here. In solving tactics you know that there is something which you probably overlook for the majority in your games.

  4. Yep! I have problem to find the balance when I play OTB games. For example, in the openings I either look too hard for tactics and run out of gas in the middle game or play semi-random moves in the opening just to find myself in a hopeless middle games after a while.