Thursday, August 6, 2009

I hate chess!

I should have stayed in bed! This game started 5am which is almost my preferred starting time but not today! Sleeping is Key!

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  1. 2...Nf6 - I like this better, it doesn't trap your Q bishop in yet. At this point you don't know if your opponent is aiming for a Queen's Gambit with Nf3 first or a Colle system yet.

    4...c5 is good

    6...c4 is no goo, bd6 is correct.

    12...Qxf6?? The biggest thing here is to see why you played this move, not in realizing that it was a blunder, I'm sure after he captured with the N, you realized the error of your ways. What led you to overlook gxf6. I am guessing you dismissed this move almost automatically because it doubled your pawns.

    Bottom line is if you don't play against the opening system correctly you will have to make some concession. Here you didn't stop/block the Colle bishop, or get counterplay early so you're going to end up with doubled pawns.

    I don't like the Colle system by the way, I find it difficult to play against.