Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Time High

It is the last blunder that really matters!


  1. Your opp did indeed mess up a better position. It's like you said, its the last (heavy) blunder that decides the game (mostly).

    Btw; can you make the board bigger either by using the horizontal option (if there is any) or by making the board bigger since now its to small to even follow the game properly.

  2. I have tried a little but I cannot get the Chessflash options to work properly. It might have something to do with the prespecified format of the blogspot itself.

    Any ideas? Is there any other useful viewer to be recommended?

  3. Instead of the template Minima (first template in list) choose the template Minima stretch (first second row in list) in new template list.

  4. Or tweak the html code of your template a bit.

    Go to template thingy but instead of choose new template take the tab html and in that html you scroll down to:
    /* Header
    # Header-wrapper
    width: 660px
    --> change the 660 in 1000

    Then scroll further down to
    /* Outer wrapper
    # outer wrapper
    width: 660px
    ---> change 660 into 1000

    Then scroll further down to
    Main wrapper
    --> change width to 760px

    And then you got something like my blog but then in white instead of blue (is the color i choose by new template).