Tuesday, February 10, 2009

League Games

Here are my first two league games with some sparse notes. Both have one key position early in the game and then a long and painfull road to The End.



Yikes, I posted the wrong version of the 2nd game but that should be OK now. Anyhow, my 9th move in the first game was interesting to me. I really thought that I could make something usefull out of Zohan's knight move.

In the second game, I found the position before my 8th move to be interesting.


  1. Regarding game #1:

    "7...h6?" - Yes, too slow, but more interesting is why did you play this? 8.Bg5 is harmless as ...Be7 wiggles out of the pin and the e-pawn is immobilized; 7...Be7 meets 8.Ng5 with 8...O-O. So there is no tactical reason to delay the development of your pieces.

    "9.Nh4!?" - I guess his evil plan is to trade his N for your B, eventually. "10...Bxh4 =+" It's not so simple. If 10...Bxh4 11.Nxd6+ Kf8 12.Nxf7 (forking Q + R) and eliminating your ability to castle and opening the position. So 9.Nh4!? is not so risky after all! I wonder if your opponent saw this--guess it depends on how quickly he played it.

    21...Rxe4! - Very evil. :)

    23...Rxd2! 24.exf6 Rxe1+ 25.Rxe1 Bxf2+

    30.h3! - Ouch. :(

    In line beginning 54...Rxg2+, you end with "draw". Unfortunately, in that position White has 55.Bxg1 picking up the rook and winning.

  2. LF>> Great comments! Thank you for your efforts. Mucho Appreciated!