Monday, June 11, 2012

Tools at The Looner's Chess Club

We at The Looner's Chess Club are getting more and more inte low tech email chess and less into turn-based chess at fancy sites.

However, one iPhone app has caught our interest: Social Chess

Everything is very neat and well designed. The only minor thing to complain about would be the somewhat smallish player pool. It can take a little time to get a game started but once it is up and running all is fine.

All games are rated and you can email yourself the pgn-file after  the game is over.

Another nice and somewhat under the radar chess site is Chessity. Chessity is basically another Tactics site but there are a few things that is somewhat interesting. The site offer a nice 20-minute drill where you are supposed to solve nine problems within 20 minutes. There missed problems and you are out. Another similar training activity is to "race" to nine correct solutions against other chess imnporvers (the same three strikes and you're out applies).

We have observed a little odd behaviour from Chessmaster lately. My Arch rival "Seb" has a rating that varies from time to time and without any obvious correlation to the results in the most recent games. Why is that?

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  1. The CM personalities have a base rating, then their "extra" rating points are calculated based on your computer's processor speed and available memory. So, on the same computer, you might have a small variation depending on what other programs you have running. You'll of course see a larger variation between different computers. For example, if you upgrade to a better system all the CM personalities will have stronger ratings.