Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Caissa

Dear Caissa, Yes, I have been a good patzer wasting time reading opening books and watching Opening DVDs. Thank you for assisting my practice by inducing a fair amount of Opening Phobia into my limited brain.

I have come to the conclussion that there are semi solid reasons for walk down randomly along a new set of opening lines.

As a humble token for my devotion to patzerhood, I have also donated a few coins to the chess book industry.

My first Team4545 League game is scheduled for Sunday and I just might try the new scary stuff in the very first game.

UCO, here I come!


  1. I'm playing Sunday too ! At least you know what move he is likely to open with : your chance of a French Defence !

  2. True! The French is an UCO the way I play it!

  3. So sunday it all starts for you and your team again. Any chances of winning that 45 45 competition?

    Hope you post your games, always intresting to see what a guy with opening phobia plays. :-)

  4. I have not done a great deal of scouting so I cannot guesstimate our chances. This season, I will play the 2nd board in one team and serve as back-up on two teams.

    Sure, I will waste some Internet space posting some games.

  5. Good luck - we'll keep a sharp eye out for reports on the game!

  6. Thank you, Rocky! Kick-off is tomorrow 10:30 (ICC)