Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Team Members Wanted!

I am interested in starting a team for the Leagues at Schemingmind and it would be very nice to recruit a few A.C.I.S. members on the team. It is unclear when the next season is about to start but I suggest that you join the excellent site right away for a few warm-up games/Team Matches.

Play Online Correspondence Chess


  1. I love SchemingMind (great community), but this would mean coming out of e-chess retirement. :)

    What's your SM username, FtG?

  2. FYI:

    "To my knowledge, a start date for Season Six has not been decided. But given that there are still a couple rounds left to play in Season Five, I would guess not for at least a few months.

    You can get an idea of game load by looking through the current and past seasons. In the current season, a new round starts every two months. Thus if a player participates for his team in every round, that's still as little as a new pair of games every couple months. Nothing too heavy. (Currently captains have the option to set their lineup and start a particular round early, if the opposing captain does the same. This would add to immediate game load although it would lessen the load late in the season.)

    In Season Five, teams must have at least one Full Member, and the rest may be Standard members. Standard members may be allocated games that bring them above their normal game quota, though this will count towards their game-total in preventing further personal challenges."


  3. I just joined up...I don't think I'm quite an ACIS person, but I am willing to play...

  4. ..although who knows what life will have to offer in by the time the league starts :)

    BTW, I am also Signalman on Scheming Mind

  5. Welcome, Signalman!

    BTW, what kind of signals?