Sunday, August 2, 2009

"I'm Beginning to See the Light...."

Well, my chess is still in the dark but the League has started! That and the amazing fact the I had "lotsa" comments on my previous post is bringing a smile to my face.

Here are my draft motes on my last game:

I reached ATH by a single point! Another thing to feel good about!


  1. Good game friend, a sacrifice and some good fighting chess. I also liked how you offered an exchange Q & R at the end when you had a winning endgame.

  2. Thank you! I tired the offered endgame (after exchanging the Queen for the Rook) and found an amazing number (3!) of great looking moves which would blunder away the win!

  3. Nice fun tactical game! Did you also look at 33.Re3+? That seems to force Black to interpose his pinned knight and give up the queen - or if the king flees to the d-file then R(d)xd3+ should also win the queen. I'm not sure if you get anything more out of it than 33.Rxd3, which also worked out very well.. (Also, not that it matters much at that point, but wasn't 54.Qh6# a possibility?) I don't know much about the Caro-Kann, but I've heard that the Panov-Botvinnik attack (4.c4) has a pretty good reputation in the exchange variation...

    Best regards,

  4. Hank, Thank you for your comments! The Panov-Botvinnik attack looks interesting. I have been tempted to give the attack a try.

    I might need to try boring/solid openings in order to avoid the traps from my (maybe skewed) self-image. Huh? Well, I have done quite a lot of tactics problems and solving problems in a "this-is-a-problem" setting works pretty good. So, in a lot of games I try too hard and a bit sloppy to create a lot of weird tactical shots.

    To patiently (weird word! never heard it!) wait for the opponent to goof might be beneficial for my chess.

  5. Yikes, 32... Qe8 (not that far fetched!) and it is dead even!