Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Training Diary: May 20, 2009

Tactics: daily doses of problems at chesstempo (CT)

Endgames: almost daily problems at CT

Openings: Reading about Grand Prix Attack (GPA), collecting GPA master games for review

Strategy: almost none, started reading Euwe's "Developement of Chess Style"

Analysis: analyzing my league game

Slow league game, won, all time high ICC rating (1258?)

reaching 1670 at chesstempo

Wish list:

- to have a draft opening repertoire

- create "my five best games" list


  1. Hi! Hey, are you following that thread on the Grand Prix in the forums at I've been reading along as I've been trying this opening out in a couple of different games.

    I'm wondering if it's one of those cases of going too far off course to get Sicilian players out of book. :-\

  2. I try to believe in the advice that almost anything is playable below Master level.

    The "fun factor" and the "familiarity factor" is guiding me in the repertoire choices. I like to play, say, the King's gambit but I don't enjoy the idea of being pegged as a KG player. There are just too much theory for black to throw at you.

  3. Regular exercises are fine but dont forget that you have to look at the charistics of the position by such problems (bishop on that square, knight on that square,...) so that you can spot it in your own games aswell since their isn't a sign that tells you what to do like at CT.

  4. Jupp, I try to ignore the CT problem tags until after I have had a go at the problem.